Dartmoor National Park, the nearby South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Devon coastline are wonderful places to exercise dogs; benefiting from some of the most spectacular and accessible open countryside in the UK. For these reasons, many visitors to the area like to bring their dogs on holiday with them, and we have designed the conversion accordingly. We also have a large mown field where your dog can be exercised safely.

On request, we will consider allowing one or two well-behaved and socialised dogs to stay, but only after a telephone discussion before booking. We have two black Labradors Toby and Ollie, who are very friendly and quiet; but they would be distressed by any visiting dog which shows aggression and/or excessive barking. There is also Oswald the Bengal cat, who is curious but does not expect to be chased! We may also have some ducks and chickens around the farm in the future, and any dog should be under control so that these are safe and calm.

We expect visitors who bring friendly dogs to follow these simple dog visitor rules:

  • Not allowed upstairs or into any bedroom
  • Not allowed onto any furniture
  • Must sleep on their own bedding provided by the guests
  • To be kept under control at all times
  • Any mess outside to be cleared up immediately and disposed of in an agreed container which we provide
  • Not allowed in children’s play area, please
  • Washing machine and tumble drier not to be used for dog’s towels or bedding (The utility room is warm, and has drying rack for such items)
  • Only use a specific “pets” vacuum cleaner during their stay
  • Not be left alone in the house – please take them with you if you go out. Most pubs and restaurants in the area accept well-behaved dogs.

If you do not follow these rules you may be asked to remove the dog(s) from the property immediately.

Extra charge for dogs: £30 per dog per booking, paid in advance.